How you can help - Therapeutische Gemeinschaften Österreich

Since 1999, the Therapeutic Communities (TC) have beenMake me Smile Therapeutic Communities: Support our efforts with your donation! caring for children and young adults in dedicated assisted living communities. The children and young adults placed in our care usually come from distressing backgrounds (desolate family situations, experience of violence and abuse etc.) and require special care due to their social and psychological difficulties, often compounded by a history of failure to thrive in live-in institutions or rejection by several institutions. They are effectively homeless.

Today, TC care for 45 male and female children and young adults in assisted living communities (currently in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland), who are looked after by an experienced team of 44 social education workers. TC also run a dedicated tuition centre called "Regenbogen Lernhilfe".

The educational efforts of the Therapeutic Communities are fully financed by contracts with official authorities (youth welfare services, municipal authorities).

However, we do whatever is necessary even without receiving public funding. For these things, we require your support. There are several ways of helping out, for instance: 

  • by donating money for special projects (such as the new therapy centre in Jaidhof)
  • by donating money for TC funds for former clients (to cover the cost of a driving licence, housing etc.)
  • donations in kind
  • donations in time (volunteering)